Welcome to MuscleMopars.com! We are a Mopar enthusiast and collector friendly website

Welcome to Muscle Mopars

     This is a Mopar Muscle enthusiast, collector and shopper friendly web site! Here you will find several exceptional Mopar Muscle Cars and trucks to see along with other unusual Mopar vehicles and many of them could even be for sale!
 I also have a very successful consignment program here and will sell your Mopar Muscle Car or Truck for you and it's hassle free!  Check out the "Services" page and Contact me for details.
    Check out the "Mopars FOR SALE" page to see the classic Mopars that are available right now!  Look closely and check back often, you could find that dream car you have been searching for!

We all love these great cars for many different reasons. My passion for Mopars started back in high school during the '70's. I have been a very active enthusiast/collector of Mopar Muscle Cars for over 40 years now. I always try to get to most Mopar car shows and cruises that I can, local and national. It is a big part of my life and I have met many friends and colleagues in this hobby.

    I will also travel across the entire country just to get a Mopar Muscle car that I like! When I do come across a new Mopar that "I just can't live without", I will usually have to sell something because I can not afford to keep them all. So... I sometimes have something for sale and I will often have Mopars for sale here on consignment for others as well. Check out "Mopars FOR SALE" page. If you have a Mopar Muscle car or Truck you want to sell, let me know because I can help you sell it here. I also know many buyers who could be looking for a Muscle Mopar just like yours. Take a close look at my site and let me know if you are interested in any of the cars or trucks that you see here or if you think that you would like to sell or trade your classic Mopar Muscle Car or Truck then check out the "Services" page and hire me to get your Mopar sold for you hassle free!. 

If you are in the Wisconsin / Minnesota area and have a nice Mopar please send me a picture of it and tell me a little bit about it.
I might even post it to be displayed on my "Gallery" web page!


There are always several rare and valuable Mopar Muscle Cars and Trucks available to see or buy here so take a good look and check back often, there should be more great Muscle Mopars pictures or other unusual Mopar vehicles for sale coming soon!!! 


Check out the "Mopars FOR SALE" page frequently, you just might find that Muscle Mopar you or someone you know has been looking for.


Check out the "CARS WANTED!" page to see the list of cars and trucks that are being searched for. Let me know if you have any of these vehicles available or if you know where any of them can be found!  Let me know if you are looking for that "Hard to Find" Mopar, I may be able to help you find it!


Remember, CA$H finders fees will be paid for information leading to any vehicle that is purchased! Your lead is safe with me!

Go to the "Contact Us" page to tell me what you are looking for or what you want to sell. Even tell me if you are thinking about selling your car or truck, I may know of someone that is looking for exactly what you have or I might even be interested in buying it.

Check out the "Mopar Links" page and connect directly to some other great Mopar related web sites.

Let me know if you have a Mopar related web site so we can exchange links!

Check out the "Our History" page to see the NEW Muscle Mopars shop. I also offer Mopar Muscle Car and Truck Consignment to help get yours sold!  Check out the "Services" page to contact me for details!

I also have trailers and offer delivery and pickup almost anywhere

Thank you for checking out my web site and I look forward to hearing from you!
As they say, "Mopar or No car"!



CALL or TEXT 715-426-HEMI (How about that phone number!  It took me three years to get the phone company to give it to me!)