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Why Muscle Mopars?


We all love these great cars for many different reasons.  My passion for Mopars started back in high school during the '70's.  I have been an "overactive" enthusiast/collector of Mopar Muscle Cars for over 40 years now.  I try to go to most Mopar car shows and cruises that I can, local and national. I will travel across the entire country just to get a Mopar Muscle car that I like! When I do come across a new Mopar that "I just can't live without", I usually have to sell something because I can not afford to keep them all. So... I will sometimes have something for sale and I will often have Mopars for sale here on consignment for others as well.  Check out the "Mopars FOR SALE" page.  If you have a Mopar Muscle car or truck you want to sell, let me know because I can help you sell it here. I also know many buyers who could be looking for a Muscle Mopar just like yours.  Take a close look at my site and let me know if you are interested in any of the cars that you see here or if you think that you would like to sell or trade your classic Mopar Muscle Car or truck check out the "Services" page and hire me to get your Mopar sold for you hassle free!. 

The Shop...


The NEW Muscle Mopars Shop!  It is finished and I've moved in!  It is a spacious building out in the rolling hills here in Wisconsin and has been designed especially for me and my business. The shop has an entry office area, a huge second floor steel mezzanine, lifts, LED lighting throughout, is fully insulated, heated and dehumidified and is set up complete for storing and working on the Mopars. The building has a state of the art complete monitored security/heat/freeze/motion/smoke detection system, video cameras inside and out and it is completely finished in post/frame, steel and concrete. I'm grateful to have the Mopars kept in a climate controlled, safe and secure building and I couldn't ask for a nicer set up!

...Muscle Mopars FOR SALE


On the "Mopars FOR SALE" page  you will find some very nice Mopar Muscle cars, trucks and other unusual Mopar vehicles FOR SALE and probably a few listed that are coming soon!   Most of the time these cars are located in Wisconsin or Minnesota.
 If you have a Mopar Muscle Car or Truck you want to sell, let me know!  I have a very successful consignment program here and will sell your car for you hassle free!  Go to the "Services" page & contact me today for details!
    Open or Enclosed trailer delivery service is available to anywhere in the USA.  Please use the "Contact Us" page to get back to me or call/text me at 715-426-HEMI with any questions or comments you might have or email me at eric@musclemopars.com.  

Check back often because more great Mopars will be added here soon!